Aqua Vivarium


Aqua Vivarium

All-in-one vivarium system, stimulating a natural water habitat, with well planted and running water backdrop, for household decoration

The new design with seamless glass bended body, integrated with internal filtration system, high power LED plant grown lamp (6500k) and detachable resin water fountain with decorative plants.  It offers an ideal habitat for tropical fishes or small turtle to obtain a fabulous household nano landscapes display easily. 

* Products with LED Light, Shaped Glass, Internal Filter, Planting Fountain, Well Planted Backdrop



Only suitable for indoor use.

Never shorten or lengthen the power cords.

Never allow the pump to run dry.

Attach the lamp firmly, and do not immerse it in water.

Before filling the aquarium with water, ensure that it is placed on a soiled surface that can support the load.

The aquarium may only be used with a foam underlay. without a foam underlay there is a risk of the base cracking.

To avoid any risk, don't try to fix the pump or the light is there is any damaged or failure.

The cable of the light and all the cables leading out of the aquarium must be provided with a drip loop To prevent any water which may run down the cables from reaching items of equipment or the mains socket outlet.

Unplug the filter, heater, lighting and any other electrical appliances from the power supply before working on the aquarium or in the water.

Carefully read the instructions for proper use and safety.


Special Safety Instructions:

    These appliances are not intended for use by person (including children) with reduce physical, sensory or mental capabilities, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliances by a person responsible for their safety.  Special care should be taken with the use of electrical equipment by or near children.