Satellite Series LED

    Aquarium System Solution makes high intensity Satellite Series LED spotlights designed specifically for coral propagation and aquaculture experts. Made for demanding reef keeping hobbyists, we offer high performance, energy saving and long-lasting lighting fixture. Compact and modular, hobbyists have the flexibility to arrange lights according to different tank environments. Whether as a standalone source or as supplemental lights, Satellite Series LED fits for a variety of applications.

    The new Satellite Series LED features COB LED with multichip and the ability to switch between spectrums – plus high transmission levels glass optics to ensure minimal light loss.

- Excellent high-density multi-chip with color-mixing technology, integrate different spectrums for coral growth and coloration, mimic real sunlight to offer a solar spectrum.

- Two-channel control of color and intensity with linear output, adjust for any combination for brilliant colors.

- World class energy-efficient LED chips ensure durability, stability and long life-span.

- With unique thermal design, effectively avoid the heat circulation inside the lamp and operate at near-silent levels.

 A specially blended color with 380nm UV, 420nm Purple, 454nm Blue, 460nm Blue, 14K Crisp  White in a 2-channels COB LED

 LED optics made from glass

 UV Chips

 Advanced cooling system

    We have tested with our coral for the propagation.  we have tested with Acropora, Acans, Chalices, Euphyllia, Goniopora, Lobophytum, Zoanthids and Ricordeas.  All of them have a quick response to intensify the color and growth in size and colony, even the faster recovery from the deterioration of tissue.


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ASML-01                                 ASML-02

ASML-01 Information   ASML-02 Information

ASML-03                       LED Controller

ASML-03 Information   LED Controller Information

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