Bio-Active Rock

An Alternative To Living Rock!

     The ceramics offers a vastly bigger surface than any living reef rock and on the other hand, there are no limits to the design and arrangement of the reef ceramics.  Our Bio-Active Rock reef ceramics are better than natural rock!

     Our Bio-Active Rock have a functional design: the light structure helps to improve the current; the water can flow freely through the entire reef and even undercurrents are possible.  This means no more sediments or heaps in the sand and the animals are able to use the space underneath the reef as swimming area or as a hide-out.


     Bio-Active Rock made from ceramics are "sterile" and ready for bacteria implement, while living reef rocks may have bacteria, sponges, algae and crustaceans, even toxic substances.  The sterile Bio-active Rock have the extremely short introduction phase: the first inhabitants can move into their new home after only a couple of days.

     Additionally, the highly porous structure results in a massive reduction in weight in comparison to a set-up that uses living rocks.

Bio-Active Rock Series

BRL                             BRM

BRL Detail Information    BRM Detail Information

BRS                            BR90

BRS Detail Information    BR90 Detail Information

BR180L                        BR180S

BR180L Detail Information    BR180S Detail Information

BR-A                          BR-B


BR-C                         BR-D


BR-F                          BR-G


BR-H                           BR-I


BR-E1                           BR-E2


BR-E3                          BR-Y


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    Bio-Active Rock are 100% safe to the reef and sea livings. It is no harmful to the water system and  tank environment. People can start their reef tanks in no time.


Chemical Composition Report   Metal Parameter Report

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